Los Angeles Reconnections Career Academy: Gang Injunction Settlement Jobs and Education Program

Los Angeles Reconnections Career Academy: Gang Injunction Settlement Jobs and Education Program

Los Angeles Reconnections Career Academy (LARCA) 2.0
Jobs and Education Program for the Rodríguez Gang Injunction Settlement

The City of Los Angeles is funding an Employment, Education and Vocational Training program available exclusively to Settlement Class Members in the case of “Rodríguez vs. City of Los Angeles.”

The program, administered by the Economic and Workforce Development Department, will allow class members to take advantage of Job Training Services preparing them to enter the workforce, Apprenticeship Programs for jobs in today’s economy, as well as Vocational and Skills Training Opportunities to connect them with available employment in high demand industries.


Services are currently available through 9 contracted job assistance centers from the WorkSource Center System.

  • Employment and Educational Services
  • Up to $10,000 per New Class Member for Training, Education, and Employment Services
  • Up to 325 Hours of Subsidized Employment
  • Tattoo Removal Services
  • Career Counseling
  • Vocational Training and Education
  • Support Services
  • Support and Resources to Start Your Own Business

Class members who are unable to participate in the program, or who do not have a need for this program, may transfer their benefit to a close relative (i.e. child, parent, sibling, or spouse). The program will be reviewed annually by a third-party evaluator from the California State University of Northridge to ensure it is providing appropriate services to class members.


For more information on how to retrieve an acceptance letter or support in enrolling with one of our service providers, contact:

Juan Romero, Program Manager & Ombudsman
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(please use a program related topic such as Career Counseling, Apprenticeship Programs, Tattoo Removal or Job Training Opportunities in the subject area of your email)

All inquiries will be reviewed and answered in a timely manner.


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