Dearden's Department employees receiving Rapid Response assistance
If you are an employee that was recently laid off, furloughed, or had hours reduced, the JOB LOSS ASSISTANCE & RESOURCES page will help guide you through all available resources.

The EWDD Rapid Response Team is trained to support your employees and your business through any transition process. They bring experts to your location to walk your outgoing employees through the Unemployment Insurance Benefits process, and various other resources to support them in transitioning to a job as quickly as possible.

As our highly competitive economy continues to globalize, businesses are hardly ever stable. Companies are constantly growing, shrinking and facing barriers to development. The City of Los Angeles offers many resources that can help your company, regardless of its present stage in the business cycle.

Services are free of cost to you and your employees and are mandated by the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) legislation.

Rapid Response Can Help:
  1. Career Counseling & Job Search assistance
  2. Resume Preparation & Interviewing Skills Workshops
  3. Local Labor Market Information
  4. Unemployment Insurance
  5. Education & Training Opportunities
  6. Health Benefits & Pensions
  7. Focused Services for Veterans & Adults with Disabilities
  8. Access to Computers, Telephones & Fax Machines
  9. Financial Planning & Stress Management Workshops
Dedicated staff will conduct on-site meetings to introduce you and your workers to local representatives and resources. Let our team help turn this transition into a positive experience for everyone.

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EWDD Rapid Response Team assisting hospitality employees through a layoff process

Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN)

Since the passage of the WARN requirement law in 1988, all U.S. employers confronting a mass layoff, relocation or termination at a covered establishment must give employees a minimum of 60 days' notice prior to the event. California specific WARN provisions became law in 2003.

More information and resources on the WARN process can be found on the California State Employment Development Department website.