L.A. stories of inspiration and success

L.A. stories of inspiration and success

2024 LA Region Small Business Summit Highlights - City programs featured: JEDI Zones Program, LAprenuer Training Program, LA Optimized Program; 10 of 14 BusinessSource Centers represented to assist businesses; 20 local business owners applied to the Legacy Business program
What a great turnout at the 2024 Los Angeles Region Small Business Summit series! The free in-person event was held in various Los Angeles locations on April 29, May 9, and May 15. Local business owners were able to connect with numerous providers to receive information about business programs, tips on how to improve their business operations, and learn about the launch of new programs that include LApreneur, LA Optimized, and the Legacy Business Program.

In attendance at the first summit, Deputy Mayor Rachel Freeman mentioned the importance and the value these summits bring to the small business community, “together with nonprofits, small businesses under one roof build stronger communities and make LA the leaders they are today."

Additionally, EWDD leadership participated in multiple panels providing advice and tips to all business owners of levels ranging from entrepreneurs to established businesses and aspiring business owners. Resourceful advice included:
  • “Have a business plan, but also a financial plan. When you come to a BusinessSource Center, we need to have the documentation and that is what will set you up to secure and get assistance from us.” - Fred Jackson, EWDD Assistant General Manager of Economic Development

  • "All of our services are FREE. We are here to support you." - Rosa Penaloza, EWDD Assistant Chief Grant Administrator

  • "WorkSource Centers provide a number of services to employers. The superpower is that it's all about connecting the dots as we serve over 20,000 people and connect them to services." - Gerardo Ruvalcaba, EWDD Assistant General Manager of Workforce Development

EWDD's BusinessSource Centers are open to help all with resources and programs such as assistance with access to capital, one-on-one consulting, and entrepreneur workshops. Also, businesses that have been in operation for over 20+ years can still apply for the L.A. Legacy Business Program online.

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